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My love story.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 7:36 pm    Post subject: My love story. Reply with quote

I was never the popular one in highschool, neither unpopular just average. I was also what you would consider "boy crazy" But atlas I had these unrealistic crushes that eventually dragged me through the mud.

I had the worst luck in the dating world. I still remember my first date at sixteen with a guy who was just a friend and I'm happy it went well for my first. After that with other guys it was a complete disaster.

One guy got too be even physically abusive and that's when I bolted. I vowed to myself I would never put myself into that position.

I also never lost the wanting and the need for this true love that skeptics protested even existed. Oh well I would tell myself at least I can daydream about it, if I never get it.

I met a guy in 2003 in the library and we dated on and off for a year. He wasn't my first love eventhough I would have told you that at the time. Now that I think about it, that relationship was horrible. You see I have a severe mental illness and I can be a handful and emotional and severe mood swings. I wasn't on the right medicine so I switched to Zyprexa and gained like over one hundred pounds in a year.

I went from being stick thin to really obese. Needless to say he broke up with me february 12,2004 two days before valentines day. He said he couldn't handle me, he said that I was too insane for him.

He totally shook up my belifs on love and unconditional love.

So I waited got too know the real me and shed twenty-eight pounds getting me back down too 200.

I started an office assistant program at the community college. I dated here and there mostly off the internet but didn't have luck.

Then one day on October 1,2004 I went into the study section of the library and there I told myself I could be single and be happy because I no longer believed in love.

That's when I saw this beautiful man typing away on the computer. I decided to approach him and get too know him.

Before I woud have been too scared because I was overweight and had this mental illness.

But this time I felt calm and had a warmth feeling of being home. Well I approached him and asked if i could sit down, not bothering to look up from his mathbook and then to stare at his math problems on the computer he said "sure go for it."

I then said "hello" and he then looked at me and we fell into love, we saw our souls and when we talked for an hour it was as if we were catching up like we knew eachother for years only to be reunited again. He asked me out on a date that Sunday.

So on Sunday October 3,2004 him and I had this awesome date and we kissed for the first time in his kitchen. Then we made it offical we were boyfriend and girlfriend. What was weird was that he also had the same mental illness. I mean what are the odds of that?

Six months later he proposed to me, well actually over the course of the three years and four months we have been together we are always proposing.

We would die for one another in a heartbeat. We are so boundfully interconncted we feel eachothers pain.

When I was younger I always wanted a twin because they had this cosmic connection.

Well I found it in him, my one and only true love.

It's not always easy sometimes we both are having the same bad day with our illness. There are tears and because we are so passionate everywhere else even our fights are filled with passion.

One thing for sure we will never walk away from one another.

We aren't in this for life.

When we do get married which will be four years from now once he gets his bacehlors in nursing and then work for a year so we are stable. We aren't going too have "till death do you part" in our vows. We are going to have "eternity" in our vows.

Him and I are on this wonderful, blessed ride for eternity and I am so excited about that!

There is no other he is my one and only and if he died today or tomorrow. I would move on in life but never ake another lover for they could never have the love that I have for him.

He also feels the same with me.

What I find romantic, is that you are you, I am me. And whenever we are together our guard is down and we are vulnerable, naked with our emotions and we don't have to worry about getting hurt. Now that is romance!
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Joined: 05 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 11:32 am    Post subject: MY LOVE STORY Reply with quote

your story is great but i want to share my love story with you don't mind:

My First date was really very wonderful ,I canít forget that moment because on that time first I was gave proposal to my girlfriend and now she is my wife ,that was my collage life day , I saw that girl on my first class and after it I fall in love .after 1.5 year I gave proposal to my wife on the first date , I not only gave proposal to my girl friend but also she has accepted that proposal ,and now my life is running smoothly ,I have take a correct decision of the life on that date ,now my wife is happy with me .
Thanks it is my little story of my first date.
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Joined: 31 Mar 2007
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PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2008 11:41 am    Post subject: Dating Reply with quote

Hmmm!!! Thanks for the amazing information, nice job!
Thank you!
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