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What will happen next with him?

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:33 am    Post subject: What will happen next with him? Reply with quote

Firstly, if you're taking the time to read this, that's nice of you and if you're going to reply, I really appreciate it. So here's a way to kind of sum up a really long story and ask some questions to people who have been through similar experiences:

I have been with my boyfriend (ex for a week now - don't know if he realizes this yet or not) for almost two years. We were friends for long before. When we were friends, he was the nicest, sweetest guy on the planet, literally and appeared to be very laid back. He didn't push me for a relationship but I knew he liked me very much. I was not easy to get, I played very hard to get and when he finally "got me" and I fell for him many months later, he very slowly started to change after our title changed from "friendship" to "relationship." He slowly became very protective over things like what I would wear, who I would talk to and these things became much worse over time leading to frequent fights/ arguments but we would always get back together. When I confronted him about this, he claimed that, as he was growing more in love with me..he couldn't control his "protective" ways. Now that I look back on it, I know I'm here right now mainly because of me, once I let him in... I loved him so purely and unconditionally, I held nothing back and made it seem like I couldn't live without him (I know, very big mistake), he obviously took advantage of this but I was too blind to see. So recently, during the last fight (which was not surprisingly the worst we've had yet), he told me he went to a club and did something with another girl only a couple of days after we fought because he thought we were "broken up for real." Despite everything, this was totally unexpected. I should mention, he hates clubbing, drinking, smoking, and doing casual stuff with girls (which is one of the main reasons I was so attracted to him in the first place) but ever since he started to hang out with an old friend of his these past few weeks, he's changed a lot...even his attitude with me. It seems obvious he's influenced by his friend, pretty sad but moving on. So even after I found out he did something with another girl, I pathetically held onto him and wanted to work things out despite the pain/ anger I felt inside but a couple of days later he went on my facebook and saw that a bunch of guys were messaging me asking me out to movies, dinner (and i politely told them NO) and even a good friend of mine was having a birthday at a club and i didn't go, and he also saw that i had messaged one of his old friends who he didn't want me talking to anymore and he basically flipped out on the phone calling me the worst names you could possibly imagine and wishing i was dead and saying things like, "you're with me because you know you can't find anyone better than me," and during this whole little outbreak of his... for the first time ever, i remained silent on the phone because i knew that later on...this would eat him alive more than if i had talked back to him so i let him finish and he finally hung up and i decided that was the end of it, once and for all. i simply could not believe he acted like that because guys were messaging me and yet he had went to a club and done something with another girl.. i believe it's because he wanted to in a way, justify his actions and have something to hold against me so he would feel less guilty for what he did... anyways, he had the nerve to call me for the next four days and for the first time in our entire relationship, i ignored his calls without effort and then on the fourth day he sends me a text message saying, "why arent you answering the calls hu?" so clearly, he didn't call to apologize because if he wanted to, he would have left a voice mail or text message doing so..i think he called because he wants to see that he still has control over me and that i can't resist him. He stopped calling for the next two days, today on the third day since his last call.. he called again. I think I know why he's calling (the reason I stated already) but I just want reassurance, or could there be another reason? I'm very angry with him, and for the first time, literally have no words to say to him...there's nothing left.

I don't think he's realized that he's lost me yet. He's extremely proud (for absolutely no reason, but i know also partially because i've given this to him). But pride can only last a person so long, right? I want to know, from experience, what do you think will happen next? Despite the fact I realize it would take a miracle to take him back, I'm still very much on the edge of my seat...I'm hoping (and at some point he probably will once he realizes there's no reason to be proud) that he will realize what he's done and what he's lost and try to do something about it and to be honest, I just want to be there saying to lost out, big time and I want him to hurt like I am right now. He's never been able to go long without talking/ seeing me, he's very attached to me... do you guys think this will happen soon? Or in awhile because of his pride? Will the calls continue or stop? And what's the result of my ignoring his calls? Also, if he realizes that he actually has lost me, as far-fetched as it may be, will he change his ways to get me back?
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