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I met this cute guy and lost his glove! please help me!

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:34 pm    Post subject: I met this cute guy and lost his glove! please help me! Reply with quote

Soo..yesterday I went to this big party that was located at a trainstation (because its going to be pulled down in a few days and it used to be the oldest train station in town so there was this huge party there) anyways..)I went there with a friend of mine and her boyfriend..and it was pretty fun at first..2 dancefloors, electro music. etc..the only thing that bothered me is that it was freaking cold and everyone had their coats and jackets on..
soo after like 3 beer and one shot I started to feel a little drunk already..I KNOW i cant drink too much im really short and skinny so i get drunk easily..

SO I was walking upstairs and i see this really cute guy standing there with some friends and of course I wasn't shy anymore so I just walked right up to him and just started talking to him and we instantly connected (at least thats what I remember haha) and we were talking and talking for about 2-3 hours and we were just talking about our past relationships he asked if I wanted another beer and I said sure he got one and as I was holding it I noticed how cold my hands were..and i wanted to take my gloves out of my pockets when I realized I lost one of them. He took out one of his and handed it to me and although they were way too big I just thought that was so sweet of of course after all that drinking I had to use the bathroom quite a lot and everytime I got out I was scared that he was gone..but he was always there..and I was releived.
Later..he had to use it too and I sat down on a chair and there I was..waiting and waiting and waiting. looking to the mens restroom door every 5 seconds..but he didnt show up..he didnt come back..
I was so disappointed and sad at this moment..and when Im drunk I tend to get really emotional..I overreact about anything, Im not like that normally but I felt like he didnt like me he didnt want to talk to me anymore..and with all these thoughts about how Im never good enough for anybody I started to cry..I just felt so rejected..
then 2 girls came up to me and started to talk to me and i think half an hour must have passed and i was sure he wasn't gonna come i just got up and walked outside. Luckily he told me his name so that I could find him on then i took of the gloves and I looked at his glove..and from that point on I dont remember much..but that I couldnt stop crying and that a girl got me into a cab and I drove home and today in the morning I checked my bag and my pockets but his glove was gone Crying or Very sad I really dont know how that happened..I was sure i put it in my must have fallen out :< I dont know...

so later on today..I added him on facebook and he instantly wrote to me ..he asked why I disappeared all of sudden and he already used some "insiders" which was cute..he told me he was there but that I wasnt...i dont know what to believe.but i still felt really terrible about his glove..because the next thing he wrote was "oh and you still have my glove right? its ok though but maybe we can meet sometime so you can give it back to me"..and I just couldn't tell him..I wrote back "sure i'll tell you when im around where you live"..because that way I can see him without having to ask him and then I was thinking..ok WHAT IF i get him a new pair of gloves. the next thought I had was ..but that is soo awkward in a way..I bearly met this guy and Im already buying him something?..i dont know ..the whole idea just seemed a little absurd to me..also ..I dont know what he likes..what his style really is..and maybe I would get him some gloves he doesn't like and wouldnt wear..but then maybe those gloves were important to him maybe they were expensive..i dont know..i just still feel really bad about that and my question is..should i get him new gloves? I mean..its christmas..and I really want to see him and showing up without the glove would be weird too Sad but with new gloves..maybe it would be awkward ..Embarassed I dont wanna psych him out because I really honestly like him...I really dont know..I need help!!!! what would you do? would you get him new gloves or would you just say Ill get you a coffee? help!!!
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