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Feeling alive... Could it be...

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:22 am    Post subject: Feeling alive... Could it be... Reply with quote

First off I must mention, I am male, 33 years old from New York City. I am happily married, 2 kids, 4 year old bot and 6 month old baby girl. Every marriage has its ups and downs... I am not saying I am in a down stage, but things have been tough... 2 kids, work, you get the picture.

I also don't want you to think that this is like one of those steamy romance book excerpts that makes you tingle all over. My intention is to portray what I felt, and how. Why I need some advice, preferably from a female perspective.

I have been told by women I am a good looking guy with a sense of humor and above average intelligence Smile I guess I think I am cute, but I am not overflowing with confidence.

I was in Vegas on a 6 day business trip do to my company's convention/training event there. The hotel we were staying at had a couple really nice night clubs. I met with a co-worker after a long day of trainings and we went to have a few drinks at the club.
We set down at the glass bar and I immediately noticed a couple of girls sitting right next to me. When I sat, a blond girl turned her head and smiled at me. It was a nice smile, and it kind of hit me... She looked young, may be early thirties, wearing sexy blue dress. She turned to talk to her friend. I got a couple of drinks and started talking to my friend about our long day. I could not put this woman's smile out of her mind, there was something about that smile. SO full of mystery, promise... A few minutes later, I asked her her name and introduced myself. She immediately turned to me and started talking, almost like she felt that I was going to talk to her minutes before. My friend started talking to her friend.
I found out that this girl is here with her friend, as her friend just got engaged. She told me she was married and had to teenage children. I told her I was married too, the music was getting too loud and I asked her to dance.
I was really confused. These girls did not look ike pro's, but somehow my head was spinning, and I was expecting that any minute the girl would tell me the price for the night... I am not into that sort of thing so I would have declined, but that fear was deep in me.
This girl was into me, as soon as we stepped on the dance floor. In fact I fel electricity, as soon as I started talking to her, it was pretty amazing. She was close to me, when she sat next to me, I could smell her hair,see her face, her blue dress. Chemistry was at its finest... I have not felt this in ages... ages...
When we started dancing, I realized that she was not afraid close. She touched my shoulders, put her arms around me, in a hug like motion and ran her fingers through my hair. This closeness, was amazing, it was like a drug... I could not describe this feeling. We moved to the beat of the music. The hooker thought still was running through my mind, but I was relaxing, this is Vegas right...Smile
We danced for 20 minutes and went back to the bar. I was on fire, and it looked like she was too. I got her a drink, but she also asked for water. She was not drunk... We went back to dance... I could smell menthol on her breath, so sweet, and a faint smell of cigarettes. She was not a smoker, but she had one sometime earlier. The combination was intoxicating... She hugged me in a dance, her face was right near mine, so close, her hair falling down... smell of her hair, her perfume. I told her she smelled so good. She returned the compliment and kept smiling, in fact she was smiling very much during this encounter. We got closer in a dance, I kissed her lips, very soft, very sensual lips, I felt her tongue, let mine do the work. It was not a long kiss, in the end I felt some hesitation as she moved away.
I never cheated on my wife. This was shock to me... It would be to any man...20 minutes before all was the same, and now, things were upside down. We started talking, she told me she was 37 from Washington State, husband who goes on golf trips. She told me that noone cared about her, I told her that was hard to believe. She was so pretty, so attractive, sexy in that blue dress and black shoes... She laughed... She was flattered... I told her that she looked very young... I meant it. She thought I was 25... I do look younger than 33. That click between us was there.
The music was getting louder, crowd building up. She told me she loved her husband, she told me she was on the fence. I did nrt know what to think, was not sure what she meant. We dance more and kissed more, it was like fire, like ice in the same time... Amazing.... I kissed her neck touched her shoulders, she was on fire, soft skin, velvety almost.

She said something to her friend who was dancing with my friend. It looked like he was into my girl's friend too.
A than, she moved somewhat away, she was dancing with me, but not as close. Something changed. She stopped dancing, said something to her friend and it looked like they went towards the bathroom. They did not return.
I was upset. I was not waiting for a hot night of sex. I don't know. I guess I am a closure kind of guy. I met her at 11 PM and at 2 am she was gone. I touched her body as she touched mine, and now it was over.
What happened. I was not overly aggressive, she was into me. I don't know what I was hoping for. If she told me she wanted to come up to my room, I would have said yes... Its scary to me now, being home... Its true, any way I slice it.
I need an opining of what she was thinking, preferably from females. It will be weighty... Guys can pitch it too if they want... I don't discriminate. This thing haunts me. I have ideas, but what do YOU think she was thinking an why she left without saying goodbye. She smiled to me on the last dance, without any fear or anger.
Thoughts...? Feel free to ramble Smile Hope you enjoyed this...
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Joined: 02 Nov 2010
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Location: New York,Bronx,Woodlawn

PostPosted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi. my name is jessi, i live in nyc 2 and im well 14...
every girl wants to feel important. they thrive to feel something maybe just for one nite..their own guilty pleasure.
all out of women know wat they want and wen they want it...and wen their supply of that want ends..
unfortunately dude ur situation is nothing but a hot dance with horny a one nite stand except clothed.
my advice is to forget about it,we all do something naughty once in awhile. also tell ur wife and kids that u love her...this will remind u that u hav eternal love right there in ur home.
and if u want to feel better send ur kids away for a bit at granny's and have some alone time with ur wife...i think u know wat i mean Laughing
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