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I need some advice...(kind of long)..FEEDBACK APPRECIATED

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Joined: 22 Jun 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:54 pm    Post subject: I need some advice...(kind of long)..FEEDBACK APPRECIATED Reply with quote

So, I've known this girl for about 20-21 years (I'm 21). She dated my cousin back when I was 13 and I used to have that teenager crush you know. Back then she was WILD, you know, those crazy kind of girls who are sluts and drink/smoke. As years went by, they broke up. About 2-3 years ago, we started to become closer friends and she started to mature up QUITE a bit. This past year we have been closer than ever. She used to always joke around about us dating then claim I was way too young over the past 3-4 years. I see her every sunday for church and all she does is flirt with me. Every time we're sitting down she is poking me, putting stuff on me, talking to me, looking me in the eyes, whispering stuff to me. Once we go in the back it's casually the same thing. She talks to me about her past relationship of 4 years. We've talked on the phone a couple of times, but it was nothing long. She always jokes around and says we're going to get married in 10 years, which I obviously agree with her and make a joke about it. I constantly have her smiling and laughing at most of the jokes I say. I pick on her sometimes and she laughs and will poke or hit me. I went out with her to the beach with her a couple weeks ago, and it went great. We took pictures together, hung out and such. When we were laying next to each other on the sand, she would be looking at me eye to eye and smile for no reason. She compliments me on my body all the time. There's a lot of other things that happened, but I'm not going to get into every detail. She always tells me to call her, and I never do. I call her when I feel like it. I haven't exactly said that to her, but if she tells me to call her, I tell her to call me. Every time I call her and want to get together, usually she comes up with excuses, but it's usually that she's busy with something. I know she works full time and goes to school a lot. This past week, I told her I wanted to come over and go jogging with her (she loves jogging). It was suppose to rain lol...and I told her regardless of the weather, we're going. We were at my church at the time, and she told me she didn't want to go in the rain (in a humorous tone). I said come on! and I eventually talked her into it. She told me to call her when I was coming, I didn't call her just to surprise her, and it worked. We hung out for awhile in the living room and just talked. Every time we talk, it's strictly eye to eye. Every time I talk to her, it just seems to me like she just wants to be friends because of the type of person she is. I could never see myself with someone like her just because I've known her for so long and the things we have been through with the past. She has been wanting me to go to puerto rico with her for the past year too. Anyways, so as I show up, it starts to get really sunny out and she gets all excited and we go out running for 2-3 miles. Every time she gets all sweaty she will wipe her boob or butt sweat on my arm for some reason. I don't mind it because I think it's funny. So after we finished jogging, she sticks her hand down her shirt and wipes her boob sweat on me, lol. I laughed and then wiped some of my sweat on her. She was like EWWWW and we both laughed. As the day went on and I was getting ready to leave, she gives me a really weird hug, lol. She wraps her arms around me and leans her whole face on my stomach/chest and holds me for a good 5-8 seconds. As I'm going to get my shirt I told her, let's jog again tomorrow. I told her it's suppose to be thunderstorms, and she said she'd go in the rain, but not in the thunder/lightning. So I told her that I would come here and pick her up (I went to go pick her up for a demonstration). I went to go grab her legs and she backed up and did that girly laugh. As I turn around, she PANTSED me as I was leaving and saw my pale white ***. We were both laughing hysterical and I asked her what she thought of my white hairy ***, and she didn't say anything and just died laughing. This all pretty much just happened over the past 2 weeks. It's kind of hard to describe how I feel about this girl. I'm 21 and she's 27. I'm definitely not the type of person who cares about "rejection". I just don't want to ruin any type of friendship we have because of some type of misunderstanding I might have. I've known this girl forever and ever, and if It did come down to me being rejected. I think it would be weird for me. Reading all of this might seem like I've never been with a girl, but I've been with a lot. Most girls I meet I never feel attracted to them for some reason. Sometimes I don't understand myself. I've had quite a few girls interested in me over the past year, and I've turned most of them down.

So, I've been close with this girl and I called her twice and tell her how I feel and she didn't answer, so I left her a message on FB. It was on thursday and I wasn't going to see her until Sunday, and I couldn't wait.

i've been wanting to talk to you about it all week. That's pretty much why I called you last night (but you didn't answer). Over the past 2-3 weeks, I feel we've been really close. In all honestly, I like you. I've always liked you before (more as a friend), but as I got to know you more, I started to like more of your personality, I like being around you. For some reason I feel more comfortable around you than I am with 90% of the girls I hang out with. I just needed to flush this out of my system because it has been bugging me all this week. I wouldn't be offended at all and it wouldn't make things awkward with our friendship if I had huge misunderstanding about this situation...I could type a lot more but it's late and I'm tired lol. I don't think we've ever had a deep conversation about things..just let me know what's up...

she didn't respond to the message. I saw her this past Sunday, and this is what happened.

So as I walk into church the first thing she does is stare at me and smiles. I was expecting things to be a bit awkward, but they weren't, I felt like we had a even deeper connection than before. I went up to her, hugged her and noticed she was wearing earrings (she never wears them at church)..and I said something about them and she said yea, I never wear earrings and smiled. Throughout the whole service she was right next to me and kept looking at me and smiling. We locked eyes and both smiled a couple of times. After service, we both went in the back, we talked briefly and looked at pictures of us on her camera. She looked at one of me and her and she looked at me and smiled for 1-2 seconds. After that, we talked some more and we just stared into eachothers eyes for a good while...Then she hugs me and says bye and that she's going outside. She also told me to call her, (but she doesn't answer her phone often). She
didn't mention one word about the message (I know for sure she saw it). I called her and left her a voice mail at 3. She never called me back. It seems like she ignores me when we're apart, but it seems like she's in love with me when we see eachother. What do you girls think about this? I'm pretty much crazy for this girl...every time she talked to me she was like rubbing her breasts on my arm and now my arm smells like the perfume/spray she was wearing and it was driving me has been single for 3 years and she's absoluely gorgeous. I can't even imagine how many guys hit on her frequently. I am having so much trouble putting the pieces into the puzzle. Do you think she's doing this for attention? she has always been the flirty type,Or is she taking her time wtih me because I could the missing piece?....if you actually read through this whole message and left feedback, I LOVE YOU! hahhaa...
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Joined: 30 Jun 2009
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

She's 27 acting like she's 17. I think she likes the attention you give her and likes flirting with you, but that's it. Honestly from reading your letter, it doesn't sound like you're that into her either. You called her a slut and said you could never see yourself with someone like that. It sounds like you're infactuated. Run she's just using you.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote I split up with my boyfriend last week. I tried one
of selenes loves spells and after two days we are back togeher.
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