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Ladies, Help me out with this situation

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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2007 5:44 am    Post subject: Ladies, Help me out with this situation Reply with quote

Hello all, some of you may remember me and some may not. i have not been on recently.

Well of course, this question is about a girl.

This all started at my job. I never really noticed this woman until she started doing these little things and now i began to like her.

Sometimes when i go to get food for certain customers (Working at Theatre, for now), she comes towards my side, puts her body towards me, side against side, and semi-pushes towards me. It has happened a few times. One time she looked at me and smiled a huge smile saying something (not sure what she said, cause there was a huge noise in the background which lasted 30 seconds. I think she said i like you but not certain cause she said it when i could not hear squat, so i did not think much of it) Again, i am taking a wild guess at what she said.

During break time, i go to the back and watch some tv. It is crowded in the break room so i take the last seat in the table. Behind the table is a couch and her and a bunch of other co workers are watching tv too. So, the person to the right side me leaves his seat cause his break is over. So there is an open seat at the table, in which she quickly darts towards it and sit down but nobody else quickly jumped for it that fast.

We flirt with each other (mostly her, cause i was not that much confident in myself) a lot but i have no idea what to do next since sometimes it looks like she likes me and other times she just completly ignores me.

When we are in the same spot together, i have to walk behind her cause i have to go to her side to get certain things. So whenever i walk behind her, she playfully puts her leg back (tripping sort of way), happens 5 times. One day when she did i said the hell with it and started flirting with her while smiling and we both had this goofy ass smiles on us. Besides the tripping part, she adjusted my name tag once, playfully threw popcorn kernals at me, puts ice behind my back.

So this other day, i started my shift and she started 2 hours later. During that time, she was in line for food, i went to get something at the concession and she was looking at me from the corner of her eye. How do i know this cause when i looked at her she looked foward. no smile or anything.

This other day, i go for my break and go the break room. There are 2 people at the table, and 3 people (including her) on the couch behind the table. I take the seat positioned me facing her.It was either sitting facing her aor sitting right behind her. So i sit there talking to everybody. Along comes this other co-worker sit right behind her so i don't see her. As soon as that happens she says "hey your blocking my view". I am not being cocky those were her exact words. Now what makes me think she was talking about me is the tv was off and i was facing her until he sat and i could not see her. Of course i acted like i didn't hear (don't know why) and started talking to the guy beside me.

Now here is where it gets complicated. I got told that i needed to go for surgery in a month so my doctor gave me some pills to take everyday until the day of the surgery. But the side affect of the pills were paranoia and depression (sucks eh). So i didn't feel this until a couple days later when i saw her and i began questiong why would she fall for a guy like me and other stuff. So i began ignoring her Hence the paranoia and depression. She keept on looking at me but i did not talk to her to where it came to the point where i just completly shut her out.

So a couple of days before i leave for my leave of absence, i help my friend wait for the bust at night. What i didn't know was he took the same bus as her at the same time. So when i saw her she just stared at me and i quickly walked away. Another day i walk into the break room to get ready for my shift. A movie was on tv and i started watching it while standing. She walks in, walks right in front of me, reads the memos on the wall beside me, and walks right in front of me again (1 foot closer) and goes changes in the locker room. The thing about the memo is that it was 3 weeks old and practically everybody read it.

My last day at work, i did not talk to her at all, tried avoiding her at all cost even pretending to be sleeping on the coach at break time when she was there. So then i leave for the day, i take my friend to the bus stop. wait for the bus. Along comes this co worker and we start talking, me my friend, and the co-worker. Low and behold who else shows up, she does. So we all start talking while waiting for the bus. I tried to abvoid her eyes but i can see from the corner of my eye is that she is staring at me while the other two are talking oblivious to what is happening.

So here is where the final situation is where it is making me insane trying to wonder what is going on. 2 and half months later after my surgery i go back to watch a movie with my friend. needless to say i am a bit weak but i can go out on my own. So me and him wait in the break room waiting for the movie to start. There are a whole bunch of people in the room too cause there shift is about to start. Surprising she walks in, starts talking to everybody (I noticed she does not see me cause the room is almost full). She is all colorfil and loud talking to people. She heads towards the changing room, sees me stops and looks at me and quickly goes inside.

So ladies,. what do you think of all this?

Oh by the way i do like her just to let you know.
'Life is a party when you still young, but who is gonna have you back when its all done.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 11:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Sometimes, they can be a crap...
Laughing No offense for the ladies.
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